Food Safety Training
Get a Food Handler card from Rserving

HomeServirAlimentos: Spanish food safety training courses for California food handlers and other states.

Food safety training for food handlers and managers in South Dakota.

Training for waiters and food safety training for food handlers.

Waitress training and food safety training for food handlers.

Professional Server Certification Corp
: Approved Training and Certification Courses for the Hospitality Industry Food Safety Certification Courses & Online Training

iBar Bartending Software: Interactive bartender training software online from PSCC The best way to ensure your staff is certified under the Wisconsin Dept. of Revenue Alcohol Seller Server Program

CA Bartender Course: Online Certification!

CaliforniaFoodCard: Food Safety training course for food handlers and food managers in California.

Washington MAST Permit: MAST Permit for selling and serving alchol in Washington

VermontASAP: Vermont bartending license and permit for selling and serving alcohol in Vermont.

Utah EasyAlcoholTraining: Certification/permit to sell alcohol in Utah for off premises consumption.

TexasBartendingLicense: Texas TABC permit for bartending and alcohol selling and serving

IllinoisBartenderLicense: Illinois BASSET bartender license and permit to sell/serve alcohol.

WisconsinResponsibleServing: Wisconsin DOR license to be a bartender and to sell and serve alcohol.